ActiFolic Scalp Massagetool

Scalp massages are an important factor in stimulating hair growth. Due to DHT causing calcium build up/fibrosis of the scalp, hair will fall out and male pattern baldness occurs. With performing special scalp massage techniques, you can reverse the fibrosis in the scalp. The ActiFolic Scalp Massagetool is very effective in aiding the break up of fibrosis.

It’s recommended to use the Scalp Massagetool in the shower on wet hair, so there won’t be any hair lost due to the massage.

How to use?
Roll from the back of your scalp to the front ten times over the scalp. At first, it will feel uncomfortable, but after doing the scalp massages more often, you will notice it will feel less uncomfortable and you will notice that the bloodflow to you scalp increases. The result of the increased bloodflow in the scalp, is healthier and thicker hair.


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