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ActiFolic Pre Workout – Dragon Fruit – 300 gram


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ActiFolic Pre Workout Booster Extreme Dragon Fruit Flavor

Ever wondered why there are so many pre workouts? And have you ever read the labels? Most of these pre workouts have fancy labels, but the ingredients list is to cry for. The ActiFolic Pre Workout Booster Extreme contains a blend of high quality pre workout ingredients that have a synergetic effect. This means that each ingredient balances out the other or even stimulates the other ingredient to work more effectively.

The effect

The effect is not your basic ‘beta alanine tingling’ pre work out. The effect comes up very smoothly until you reach super tunnel vision focus with an intense mood and energy to exercise or do any other highly mental or physical demanding task. A crash after the pre workout? Not with this one. We formulated the pre workout this way, that you won’t be yawning from the caffeine overload (which is actually adenosine that’s being released and  makes you tired, but we took care of that 😉 )


The effectiveness of a Pre-Workout greatly depends on its composition. Taking into account feedback from our team, our clients and specialists. We dedicated months to research and developed a scientifically supported formula that’s also very very tasty, Dragon Fruit!

Dosages per 17 gram (1 scoop)

Citrulline Malate 2:1 8000MG
Beta – Alanine 3000MG
Glycerol 1000MG
Betaine HCL 1000MG
L-Tyrosine 500MG
L-Theanine 400MG
Cafeïne 400MG
Theacrine  100MG

How to use:

  1. Fill your shaker with 250 ml of water.
  2. Start with half a scoop (Add 8.5g / (½ measuring scoop) of Pre Workout Booster Extreme.
  3. Shake well.
  4. Consume 20-30 minutes before your workout.

We recommend consuming a maximum of one dose per day!

Consult your doctor of physician if you have any health related products. We do not recommend this product if you are having issues with your heart (for example heart arrhythmias)

WARNING: Product contains caffeine; do not use under the age of 18.


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