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ActiSleep – Sleeping Solution – 30 ml


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The best sleeping supplement ever? This sounds like a huge title, but we are so sure and amazed about our new supplement. Insomnia is a big problem nowadays. Increased screen time and a huge load of blue light from our smartphones keep us awake and keeps our brains constantly processing information. Our circadian rhythm gets disturbed by blue light. When you use your smartphone or watch television right before sleep, our brains won’t get the signal to create melatonin, because it thinks its still day time.

ActiSleep is a strong and carefully formulated supplement to decrease time to fall a sleep and improve all sleeping stages. Our sleeping solution contains 40 mg CBD isolate, 1 mg melatonin and 40 mg pyrroloquinoline Quinone. This triple combination of relaxing and sleep promoting ingredients guarantees you of a very good rest and wakes you up crystal clear, without feeling tired the next day.

Each dosing (1 ml) contains the above mentioned 40 mg CBD isolate, 1 mg melatonin and 40 mg pyrroloquinoline Quinone. Each bottle lasts around 30-60 days, depending on how much is used. Start with half of the dosing, which is 0.5 ml to test toleration.


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