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CB-03-01 Solution 

What is CB-03-01, also known as Breezula?
CB-03-01 is a topical anti androgen, like RU58841, which has local anti androgenic effects. RU58841 is a very effective anti androgen, how ever some researchers think it can lead to systemic effects. For researchers that don’t agree with RU58841, there is CB-03-01. CB-03-01 solution is a very effective topical anti androgen for androgenic alopecia, that proved its efficacy in various trials. CB-03-01 is not able to perform its anti androgenic effects systemically and thus CB-03-01 won’t affect systemic androgen levels.

The 2.5% solution contains 1500mg (1.5 gram) CB-03-01 powder in 60 ml solution.
The 5% solution contains 3000mg (3.0 gram) CB-03-01 in 60 ml solution.
The 8% solution contains 4800 mg (4.8 gram) CB-03-01 in 60 ml solution.

Solvents used: Ethanol, propylene glycol (custom formula is possible, contact us for more info.)

CB-03-01 is a research chemical, its use is only intended for in vitro and laboratory experiments. The information given at this page is purely intended for education/informational purposes only.


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2.5%, 5%, 8%


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