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CB-03-01 Solution – 50 ml


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CB-03-01 Powder 

What is CB-03-01?

CB-03-01 is a topical anti androgen, like RU58841, which has local anti androgenic effects when applied to the skin. RU58841 is a very effective topical treatment for hair loss (male pattern baldness), how ever some users might experience side effects like fatigue and a decreased libido. For users that can’t tolerate RU58841, there is CB-03-01. CB-03-01 is a very effective topical treatment for androgenic alopecia, that proved its efficacy in clinical trials with a very high toleration. CB-03-01 is not able to perform its anti androgenic effects systemically and thus CB-03-01 won’t give users side effects related to lowered systemic androgen levels. We know from the trials that RU58841 also won’t perform anti androgenic effects systemically, how ever some users actually do experience side effects. Probably one of the reasons for these side effects is that users apply the solution at the scalp before bedtime. When they lay down in bed, their head with the topical solution contaminate the pillow, which results in systemic action of RU58841 due to ingestion. This problem won’t occur with CB-03-01, because it simply can not perform its anti androgenic effects when ingested, because of the quick metabolism of the chemical.


Is the spray head, for a more sparingly and evenly application

Chemical Info

CAS Number: 19608-29-8
Molecular Formula:

21-Hydroxy-3,20-dioxopregn-4-en-17-yl propionate

Molecular Weight: 402.531 g/mol
Storage: Liquids are stable up to 12 months in room temperature, do not store in the refrigerator. Unused raw powders are best stored in a zip lock bag in the freezer. Shelf life of properly stored raw materials: up to 36 months.

CB-03-01 Powder is a research chemical, its use is only intended for in vitro and laboratory experiments. The information given at this page is purely intended for education/informational purposes only. Please familiarize with our terms and conditions before buying.

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2.5%, 5%, 8%


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