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L-Carnitine inj.


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L-carnitine inj. 800mg/ml

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that has shown its effects in improving energy levels, boosting athletic performance, encouraging fat loss, reducing muscle fatigue, increase androgen receptor sensitivity and nitrogen retention.

Clients with fitness and fat loss goals may also use L-carnitine to improve their body composition along with a healthy lifestyle. Athletic clients often include L-carnitine in a healthy diet and exercise plan to maximize their performance.

L-carnitine’s main job is to assist in energy production for the cells in the body. It’s as well required for the breakdown of body fat,

Because of its functions, L-carnitine can help encourage fat loss while preserving lean muscle, which can improve body composition. It can also support muscles during exercise and reduce muscle fatigue for better athletic performance.

Intended for research use only

Contains 2% Benzyl Alcohol, filtered through 0.22 µm filter.
Keep vial in boiled water for 2 minutes before use to lower viscosity 

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1x 30 ml, 3x 30 ml


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