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Ionic Showerhead


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Ionic Showerhead with Three Stream Options

Tap water contains chemicals, with the composition varying by country. While the water in the Netherlands is considered some of the cleanest in Europe, it still contains harmful chemicals that can’t be fully filtered. The long journey from filtration stations to your tap can lead to further pollution with chemicals such as copper, lead, calcium carbonate, and added fluoride, which can dry out your hair and irritate your scalp.

Will the Ionic Showerhead Significantly Reduce my Hair Loss?

This showerhead won’t stop your hair loss, nor it will have any noticeable effect to it (since androgenic alopecia is androgen induced), but it will help keep you scalp and skin healthy. Sellers of ionic showerheads that claim it does are simply lying. The Ionic Showerhead is designed to reduce your daily exposure to environmental toxins, resulting in healthier-looking, less dry hair. With three stream options (jet, rainfall, and massage) and the ability to increase water pressure, this showerhead offers a comfortable showering experience.

How the Ionic Showerhead Works

The mineral stones in the showerhead body are used to remove toxins and soften water. The showerhead contains alkaline tourmaline (black stones), ceramic mineral stones (white stones), and Maifan stones (red stones). These stones are negatively charged, help remove impurities and bacteria, restore skin and hair smoothness, and balance the pH of the water.

Compatibility with Shower Hoses

This showerhead has a standard attachment with a diameter of 2 cm / 20 mm. Please verify compatibility with your shower hose before purchase.


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