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EquipmentLiquid Filling Machine


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Liquids Filling Machine

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This numerical control liquid filling machine is compact and portable. The casing is made of stainless steel, so it is durable and easy to clean.

The machine has a self-prime pump that can pump the liquid from your container and then put out via the nozzle. It can be used to fill many different types of clear thin liquid, including water, olive oil, fuel, drinks, vinegar, milk and so on.

Which liquids are suitable? Low viscous liquid like water, wine, solutions etc.

Which liquids are not suitable? Very thick liquids, like sauce, detergents or liquid containing small particles.

How To Set Up?
This machine has 7 programs. Each program has a different filling character. Each program can be set up according to the volume that needs to be filled. With the ‘Parameter Set’ button, you can change the filling time. Keep in mind that different liquids have different filling times. If a liquid is more viscous, it will not fill the same volume with the same time setup as a less viscous liquid. For example to have a 50 ml bottle filled, you can use ”program 0” with time 0.7 seconds. The machine will fill the bottle to 50 ml according to these settings. Keep in mind you first need to find out different filling times for different liquids.

Technical Information


AC 220V,110V 50/60HZ



Filling Range


Max Flow Rate

2.8L/min (water)



Diameter of Filling Nozzle

Φ 8mm

Max Pump Distance


Repeat Error


Anti-dripping Function


Memory Function Without Electricity


Suitable Soft Tube

17#(interior diameter: 6.4mm, thickness: 1.6mm, max pressure 0.24Mp)


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