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RU58841 Solution – 30 ml


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What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are proven to help against hair loss. Our solutions that are enriched with essential oils, will increase circulation in the scalp similar to the effects of minoxidil, but without a shedding phase and other minoxidil related side effects. Our solution contain peppermint oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil. These essential oils alone work great for reducing hair loss and reduce scalp inflammation. The combined oils make a synergic effect, that will calm down the inflamed scalp, increase circulation and stimulate hair follicles.  When applied, the scalp will immediately feel calmed down, due to the cooling and inflammation reducing effect of essential oils.

What is OctoPirox (Piroctone Olamine)?

OctoPirox, also known as piroctone olamine, is a chemical very much related to ketoconazole. It has proven its efficacy in various studies

Compared to ketoconazole, Piroctone Olamine increases the number of hairs in the growth phase (anagen phase) by more than 10% in 33% more people.

Other ingredients (depending on variation): niacinamide, caffeine, biotine.

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3%, 5%, 8%, 3% + essential oils, 5% + essential oils, 8% + essential oils, 3% + essential oils + OctoPirox, 5% + essential oils + OctoPirox, 8% + essential oils + OctoPirox

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