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Swiss Clients

How to receive packages in Switzerland from ActiFolicSwiss Clients

For our Swiss clients, we have a solution to receive our products.

Swiss Pakket

SwissPaket is located right across the border outside of Switzerland, in Germany. To use their service you need to create an account online and also provide proof of ID in person.

After signing up, they will give you a unique ID, which you need to mention as part of the shipping address. You will use a shipping address provided by Swiss Paket for your order. With your unique ID, Swiss Paket can receive packages in your name to their package location.

When your package arrives at the Swiss Paket location, they will log this in their system and contact you by e-mail. You can now pick up your package at the Swiss Paket location.


It costs around ~1.5 – 5 euros per package, depending on the size.
Swiss Paket is a very reliable service. Many Swiss’ people use this service to order from stores like for example Amazon.

Swiss Paket is very convenient for people who live in Switzerland, close to the border with Germany.
For people who live further from the border, it would be a longer drive to get to the Swiss Paket office in Germany, but if you only receive a package once in a while it’s probably worth it.

An alternative would be You can contact them for more information about receiving packages through their service.